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Please share your stories

‘Communication is a two way thing’, said no man ever. However, here at The Practical Dads we definitely want you to share what you have been through. The Practical Dads is not just a ‘look at me and how great we are’ site. We want to hear your stories and share them so we can learn from you too. After all, two of us only have newborn babies!

This site is a great way for us to share with you and if you want to share in return, send your article to us at thepracticaldads.gmail.com. The article could be about absolutely anything to do with being a Dad.  It doesn’t even have to be about babies. We are looking for articles to publish from Dads who have experienced something funny, worrying, scary or just downright disgusting.

Headings to Help your Head

If you would like to help but are stuck as to what to write about, these areas may help.

  • Pregnancy Stories
  • Birth Stories
  • Newborn Tips
  • Newborn Adventures
  • What to buy
  • What not to buy
  • Where to reach out for help
  • The first few day
  • Toddler Tips
  • Toddler Adventures
  • Unfatherly moments (we all have them)

Newborn Tips

Under this heading we are looking for those little things that have helped you along the way. The things that you have considered to be insignificant to life changing, it really doesn’t matter. If you think it’s worth knowing, we think it’s worth sharing.

Dave B – How to Avoid Projectile Poo (for Boys only!) | The Practical Dads

In this article, Dave B shares with us a little something he has noticed his little fella does before having a massive poo when butt naked in between nappies. Cheers Dave.

dad newborn baby
Projectile poo: It all started so well. Dave sits proudly with his newborn boy

Birth Stories

Under this heading we want the truth. And many of us wont be able to handle the truth, but you will have a much better understanding of what really goes on in labour when it comes to your own.

Dave B – Not a Favourable Cervix | The Practical Dads

In this birth story, Dave shares how a birth plan can go out the window fairly early on when it comes to the big day. Thank you Dave for being so open with us.

mum in hospital
Not a Favourable Cervix: Sarah in hospital being unfavourable